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LinkedIn Video Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkedIn video download?

LinkedIn video download refers to the process of saving a video hosted on LinkedIn's platform onto your own personal computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or any other device for offline viewing and storage. It works by identifying the LinkedIn video you want to download through the website or mobile app, and then utilizing various software tools and applications to transfer a copy of that video file from LinkedIn's servers to be stored locally on your device. This allows you to maintain permanent access to LinkedIn videos for offline viewing anytime without requiring an internet connection. The downloaded video file can also be transferred across devices or shared with others.

Where to find tools to download LinkedIn videos?

There are several options to download LinkedIn videos, including browser extensions like Video DownloadHelper that integrate download buttons, online video downloader websites where you can paste the video link to download, and mobile apps designed specifically for saving videos from LinkedIn such as Made for LinkedIn Video Downloader. Some trusted sources include the website, KeepVid online video downloader, FastestTube browser extension, and Video Downloader for LinkedIn mobile app. These tools identify LinkedIn video files and allow seamless downloading to store on your own device.

Why download videos instead of streaming on LinkedIn?

There are many benefits to downloading LinkedIn videos rather than just streaming them online, such as the ability to watch offline without internet access, permanent file storage for future viewing, higher video quality, transferability to other devices, convenience of repeat viewing anytime, avoiding issues if the video is removed from LinkedIn, the option to share and edit downloads, and more control over the viewing experience. Downloading allows private, uninterrupted viewing on your own terms.

How to download LinkedIn videos on devices?

On desktop browsers, right-click on the playing video and select "Save Video As" to download directly from LinkedIn. Browser extensions like FastestTube add a download button option. On mobile devices, use downloader apps made for LinkedIn like Video Saver for LinkedIn or copy and paste the video link into an online downloading website. Some mobile apps also allow saving videos directly within LinkedIn. Downloader tools integrate across devices for a seamless experience.

Is downloading LinkedIn videos legal?

Downloading LinkedIn videos for your own personal, non-commercial use is generally considered permissible under fair use copyright principles. It's best to avoid redistributing downloads or using commercially without permission. As long as you keep the videos private on your own devices for offline viewing, downloading from LinkedIn typically does not violate their terms of service.

Could I get in trouble for LinkedIn downloads?

It is very unlikely you would face any legal issues for downloading LinkedIn videos for private use and storage on your personal devices. However, sharing downloaded videos publicly or profiting from them commercially without explicit permission could potentially raise copyright concerns. To avoid problems, it's recommended to keep downloads private, not redistribute them online, and avoid unauthorized commercial