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Optimize your LinkedIn profile with the power of AI and build you resume with beautifully crafted templates.

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What is an AI resume builder?

An AI resume builder is an interactive resume-building tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate a polished resume in minutes.  Resume builder AI integration allows users to create effective resumes quickly and easily without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Benefits of AI resume builders

Writing a standout resume is no easy task. Job seekers often spend a significant amount of time researching how to write a resume and analyzing the best resume formats.  An AI resume builder saves time by offering professional resume templates that eliminate the need for hours of research, formatting and writing. 

How to use AI resume builders ?

Enhance your LinkedIn profile information

Our tool will automatically scan your LinkedIn profile and provide optimization suggestions. You need to optimize your profile information based on the suggestions.

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Choose a resume template

Click the extension icon to open the extension popup page.Then click the button to open the extension and choose a resume template.

Build a resume by AI

Click the "Build by AI" button to generate a perfect resume based on your LinkedIn profile

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AI resume builder success stories

Come and check out real user reviews.

I was struggling to secure interviews for jobs in my desired field. Thanks to AI Resume Builder for LinkedIn 's resume templates and powerful bullet points, my resume truly stood out. Almost immediately, I began receiving emails and calls for interviews. Now, I am on the brink of starting my dream career.

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Nathan H
@ Nathan H

With the assistance of AI Resume Builder for LinkedIn , I was able to create an impressive resume swiftly based on my linkedin profile and land the job I desired in a short amount of time. They guided me in highlighting the skills I had gained from past experiences, capturing the attention of prospective employers and resulting in multiple job offers within days .

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Hossein Shams

The process is so simple and the templates loos so professional and impressive. It does a lot of the work for you, making the dreaded task of doing a resume easy. I got the job! .

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Sarah Johns