LinkedIn Message Automation - Step By Step Tutorial

Why do you need LinkedIn message automation tool?

Wondering why people choose to automate LinkedIn messaging tool in the first place?
LinkedIn is the best platform to distribute post and generate B2B leads, because LinkedIn is a B2B business-feature social platform, and it has a high-quality leads database.
You can find anyone and LinkedIn is really a huge ocean of sales opportunities.
It’s very easy to get in touch with the decision-maker than any other social platform, and you can search your targeted audience by a multi-choose search filter.
After that, LinkedIn message automation tools will be necessary to make your job efficient.

What is LinkedIn message automation?

There are 2 types LinkedIn message automation tools: Cloud-based solutions and Chrome-extensions.

Cloud-based solutions

As other example, Expandi is a LinkedIn automation tool that lives in the cloud.

But IP address is the factor that will expose your LinkedIn account in danger. It is easy to be found by LinkedIn, even Expandi has several servers in the cloud.


Chrome-extensions are basically LinkedIn plugins that integrating into chrome browser, which you download from the Chrome web store.

As an example: LinkedRadar.

It’s one of the popular linkedin messaging automation tools on the chrome web store. This tool offers linkedin messaging automation and it lives in your browser. And it is 100% simulation of human activity. So it is safe.


Install LinkedIn message automation tool - LinkedRadar from chrome web store.

Collecting targeted audience from LinkedIn Search, and set up a LinkedIn automated messaging campaign.

Start the campaign to send out automated LinkedIn messages.

Why LinkedRadar? - Free LinkedIn automated messaging Tool

LinkedIn doesn’t like spam. However, most LinkedIn messaging automation tool make your LinkedIn account easy to get warning from LinkedIn, or even be banned by LinkedIn.
Why? Because of no human simulation, theIP change frequently and sending out an inhumane amount of messages per day. It shows robot features.
And LinkedRadar LinkedIn Message Automation is designed for 100% simulation of human activity. You can see the human simulation when LinkedRadar is running in your browser and the IP is the same as your daily use.