What is linkedin inmail ?

In order to enhance the platform's effectiveness, prevent spamming, and enhance customization, LinkedIn has introduced a range of features including LinkedIn InMail.

In order to enhance the platform's effectiveness, prevent spamming, and enhance customization, LinkedIn has introduced a range of features including LinkedIn InMail. Nevertheless, this functionality can present difficulties for certain LinkedIn users, be they new to the platform or experienced members, due to discrepancies and inconsistencies in LinkedIn's subscription plans which can lead to confusion.

What is linkedin inmail ?

LinkedIn InMail is a premium feature on LinkedIn that enables users to send free or paid direct messages to individuals who are not part of their network, including 2nd and 3rd-degree connections. This sets it apart from 'regular' LinkedIn messages, which can only be exchanged with members within one's network.

Consider InMails as LinkedIn's equivalent of email, complete with a subject line and greater character limits than a standard LinkedIn connection request or message. In accordance with the platform's official Learning course, InMail messages typically yield a response rate ranging from 18 to 25%, far surpassing the average 3% response rate of cold emails.

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Free LinkedIn InMail

Each LinkedIn subscription plan includes 800 complimentary InMails per month. This means that even users on the basic (free) plan have the ability to send free InMails to individuals who have set their profiles to Open profile status.
Specifically, free InMails can be sent to those who have set their profile to Open profile status. To enable this feature, users must have a LinkedIn premium plan, such as LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, or LinkedIn Recruiter.
In summary, all LinkedIn members have the capability to receive paid InMails, but only those with paid LinkedIn subscriptions can send them. Additionally, all LinkedIn members have the capability to send free InMails, but this is only possible to individuals who have set their profiles to Open profile status.

Paid LinkedIn InMail

Paid InMails are considered a premium feature and are included in all paid LinkedIn subscriptions, such as LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Recruiter. Each paid LinkedIn subscription provides users with a certain number of paid InMail credits, which can be sent to any LinkedIn member except for those who have chosen to opt out of receiving InMails altogether. In essence, all LinkedIn members have the ability to receive paid InMails unless they have disabled this option.

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Sponsored InMail on LinkedIn

A sponsored InMail on LinkedIn allows users to leverage the LinkedIn InMail advertising platform to target specific users in bulk. Essentially, a sponsored InMail functions as a message advertisement suitable for digital marketing, sales initiatives, or any other promotional activities.
The LinkedIn advertising platform primarily caters to digital marketers looking to promote their brands and engage with their target audiences in various ways.
Similar to other advertising platforms, you are unable to select individual recipients for your InMails; instead, you can define the target audience. Additionally, while recipients cannot reply to your sponsored InMails directly, they can engage with preset call-to-action prompts.
Sponsored InMails are clearly marked as 'Sponsored' in the recipients' inboxes, making them easily distinguishable.

1. Free linkedin inmail credit

LinkedIn Premium Careers, Premium Business, Sales Navigator Core, and Recruiter subscriptions all come with 800 free InMails, while Recruiter Lite offers 100 free InMail credits. These credits are automatically allocated upon upgrading from a basic LinkedIn account to any premium subscription. Unfortunately, there is currently no method available to track the remaining amount of free InMail credits within any LinkedIn premium subscription.

2. Paid linkedin inmail credit

The quantity of InMail credits is dependent on the specific LinkedIn subscription plan and cannot be transferred when switching to a different LinkedIn subscription.

Here is a visual breakdown indicating the quantity of paid InMail credits based on your subscription plan.

Note that there is a plus sign associated with LinkedIn Recruiter plans, as these are the only LinkedIn subscriptions that offer the option to acquire additional InMail credits with a separate purchase. Subscribers of the other two LinkedIn Recruiter plans have the opportunity to acquire extra paid InMail credits while upgrading their subscription plan.

How much does linkedin inmail cost ?

The usage quota of LinkedIn InMail varies based on the subscription package selected. Different packages come with different InMail quotas, allowing users to choose a plan based on their needs to obtain varying InMail quotas.

Therefore, linkedin inmail cost is also determined based on the package you choose.

Now, you should have a better understanding of what LinkedIn InMail is and how much does linkedin inmail cost or how many linkedin inmail credit do we get per month.

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