Release Notes


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V1.6.0- Lead Management!

💡  Features     2023/08/09

  • ✅ Establish a privatized database for your potential customers.
  • ✅ Design effective lead follow-up processes and increase engagement by 10x.
  • ✅ Utilize automation tools to track leads and reduce working time by 80%.
  • ✅ Provide personalized experiences for potential customers and boost acceptance by 5x.

V1.5.1- AI Prospect Finder - optimization

🔨  Bug fixes    2023/07/24

  • Adjust the logic and copywriting of the AI Prospect Finder pop-up window.

V1.5.0- AI Prospect Finder!

💡  Features     2023/07/21

  • Discover 1000+ Qualified Prospects in 1 minutes related to company profile.

V1.4.2- AI DM - Sales Navigator

🚀  Improvement    2023/07/12

  • AI optimization invitation massage in sales navigator

V1.4.1- AI Contact Entrance

🚀  Improvement    2023/07/07

  • Added AI Contact entry to Linkedin lead display page

V1.4.0- AI DM!

💡  Features     2023/06/29

  • Connect with AI Message:On user profile page, AI generates invitation speech based on user information, increasing the success rate to 90%!
  • AI optimized batch invitation: Turn on the AI Feature in Campaign, and the AI will generate different invitation speeches based on each person's profile information without any operation.

V1.3.9- Installation guide

🚀  Improvement    2023/06/12

  • New user boot process after installation

V1.3.8- Fix counting logic

🔨  Bug fixes    2023/06/06

  • Fix the counting logic of the campaign queue to be sent

V1.3.6- Add quick entry

🚀  Improvement    2023/06/05

  • Add Campaign creation & boot entry: LinkedIn Home、Network、Search、Messaging
  • Renewal pop-up window optimization
  • Popup page layout adjustment

V1.3.5- Free Trial Discount

🔨  Bug fixes    2023/05/26

  • Add a discount and countdown to the pop-up window for free trial

V1.3.4- CSV Import Campaign

🚀  Improvement    2023/05/25

  • Invitation Campaign supports csv import prospects!

V1.3.3- Popup content optimization

🔨  Bug fixes    2023/05/20

  • The daily invitation limit has been reached, and the pop-up window type has been adjusted
  • Pop-up window content adjustment

V1.3.2- Page layout adjustment

🔨  Bug fixes    2023/05/13

  • Add campaign type description on the home page
  • Add 1$ trial in the upgrade pop-up window

V1.3.0 - Paid version is online!

💰   Pricing Plans    2023/04/29

  • Start Plan: 14.9$/month,400 connections/month,800 follow-ups/month,8 campaigns
  • Biz Plan: 24.9$/month,800 connections/month,1600 follow-ups/month,15 campaigns
  • Ulimit Plan: 69.9$/month,Unlimited connections,Unlimited follow-ups,No Daily Limit

V1.1.9 - LinkedRadar Helper - chrome extension

💡  Features    2021/12/10

  • A new way to get LinkedIn credentials - Makes LinkedRadar easier to use by automatically retrieving your session cookies.

V1.1.6 - Get LinkedIn account credentials

🚀  Improvement    2021/11/27

  • New getting credentials process - Increase the success rate of getting credentials & Better guidance process.

V1.1.3- Bug fixes - Get credentials & Search

🔨  Bug fixes    2021/11/10

  • Getting new user's credentials failed.
  • After the search history is deleted, the history is still displayed.

V1.1.1 - LinkedIn new change

📣  Announcements    2021/10/26

  • Due to LinkedIn updates, some simulations failed.
  • It has been repaired and can be used normally.

V1.1.0 - Message Campaign (Engage Stage)

💡  Features    2021/10/01

  • New menu organization structure.
  • Leads Campaign - The original campaign type used to add LinkedIn connections.
  • Message Campaigns - The newly added campaign type is used to send messages to connections.
  • Help - New video tutorial.

V1.0.0 - Leads campaign (User Connect)

🎉   Huge surprise    2021/08/10

  • LinkedRadar officially launched
  • Free for a limited time within one year

💡  Features    2021/08/10

  • Leads - Search the target leads on LinkedIn.
  • Campaigns - Assign leads, edit automation messages, save running settings.
  • My Connections - Manage your LinkedIn connections.