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Dripify is a multifunctional LinkedIn automation tool designed to help sales team improve LinkedIn prospecting and close more deals — all on complete autopilot.

However, LinkedRadar is the best Free LinkedIn automation tool with the safest LinkedIn lead generation and automated LinkedIn messaging, boost LinkedIn sales outreach by 10x. There is no doubt that LinkedRadar is a perfect Alternative for Dripify with high efficiency.

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Dripify Review - What is Dripify

Dripify Dripify is an advanced LinkedIn automation platform for marketers and sales teams for effective prospecting, lead generation, and business development.

Dripify Review - Features of Dripify

  • Create Drip Campaigns
  • Manage the Sales Team
  • Analyze the Data from LinkedIn
  • Respond to the Leads
  • Export Data to CSV

  • Dripify Review - Pros And Cons of Dripify

    Dripify Pros

  • Easy to use campaign creator.
  • Comprehensive Analytics.
  • Safe Algorithm.
  • Built for Teams.

  • Dripify Cons

  • Not all businesses can benefit from Dripify. The tool isn’t perfect yet and there are some things that can be improved.
  • No mobile app: Dripify only has a desktop version. You can’t open and view your statistics or performance on your phone.
  • No email sequence: There are no available templates for sending personalized messages to your followers.
  • Limited editing flexibility.
  • Incomplete training videos.

  • Dripify Review - Dripify Pricing

    No free features.
    This means you need to spend at least $99 to fully experience Dripify.


    Advanced dashboard & reports
    Complete performance automation


    Personal inbox
    A/B testing
    Webhook & Zapier integration


    Team management
    Activity control

    Dripify VS LinkedRadar Overview

    Free Extension
    Easy to Use✅ All in one Extension❌ Frequent Switching between
    Extension and Dashboard
    Core FeatureLinkedIn Automation
    Bulk connect
    Bulk messages
    LinkedIn CRM
    Safety✅ 100% simulation of human activity❌ Undetermined
    Compatible✅Personal, Sales Navigator, Premium
    and Recruiter lite accounts.
    Auto Connect
    Prospecting Templates
    Contacts export
    Free Support
    Multi-account management
    Random delays between actions
    PricingFree to Use$99 Monthly

    Dripify VS LinkedRadar: In-Depth Analysis

    Dripify VS LinkedRadar-LinkedRadar offers a beginner's guide service

    When it comes to the user interface, LinkedRadar is easier to use. Anyone, even marketers that aren’t that tech-savvy can easily learn its features. Its UI is also neater and they offer better tutorial videos. Dripify is also very user-friendly, but it can be a little too complex for beginners. A lot of people also complain about their short tutorials that don’t teach users more advanced ways to use the software.

    Dripify Alternatives

    Dripify VS LinkedRadar-Various features can be used free of charge

    The online automation market is saturated with tools and software designed for businesses of all sizes to improve their lead generation and increase revenue. While Dripify is the best tool for LinkedIn automation efficiency, if you’re going to go with the easiest, most helpful, and data-rich automation tool—it’s still better to use LinkedRadar.

    Dripify Alternatives

    Dripify VS LinkedRadar-Human behavior simulation technology under automation

    The automated message processing system alone is already one of the most common features on the market, and the mechanization of sending a large number of messages can easily be detected as abnormal by the platform and can easily result in risks such as being blocked and banned.

    Dripify Alternatives

    Start LinkedIn Automation with Dripify Alternative —— LinkedRadar!