How many linkedin inmail credits per month?

How many linkedin inmail credits per month?

Do you know what LinkedIn InMail is?

LinkedIn has lots of unique features, making it great for businesses looking to connect with others on the platform. One of these great tools is LinkedIn InMail. InMails allows you to directly message another LinkedIn member without sending a connection request first. Regular Linkedin messages can only be sent to people you’re already connected to. Inmails is a paid feature only available to Linkedin Premium users.

Do you know how many linkedin inmail credits per month?

Inmails is a premium feature. You can’t send inmails with a free account.To get inmails credits, you need to have a linkedin premium account.

Each linkedin premium offer gives you a different number of inmail credits:

  • Linkedin Sales Navigator: 50 inmails credits/month
  • Linkedin Recruiter: 150 inmails credits/month
  • Linkedin Premium Career: 5 inmails credits/month
  • Linkedin Premium Business: 15 inmails credits/month

Do you know how to effectively utilize LinkedIn InMail?

LinkedIn is a place where businesses, brands, and industry professionals can connect and share ideas. With such a vast audience, it’s no surprise that many businesses use LinkedIn’s private messaging system, InMail, to reach leads.

But with so many businesses vying for users’ attention in their inboxes, how can you stand out and improve your LinkedIn InMail marketing campaign’s response rate? In another article by the author, six best practices for LinkedIn InMail are detailed. If you want to more skillfully utilize LinkedIn InMail to create greater value for yourself, please refer to this article 6 LinkedIn InMail Best Practices You Should Know

Do you know how the free LinkedIn users to get unlimited InMail credits?

Free users who wish to use the LinkedIn InMail feature can utilize tools such as LinkedRadar. This Chrome browser extension allows you to access the LinkedIn InMail feature, typically reserved for premium users, and offers additional useful functions such as LinkedIn Auto Connect.

LinkedIn Auto Connect Tools designed with intelligent human-simulation. The human-simulation solution will do its best to protect your LinkedIn account safety. This ensures a risk-free experience in LinkedIn outreach. Get the tools here.