How many inmail credits does linkedin premium users have?

How many inmail credits does linkedin premium users have ?

LinkedIn has lots of unique features, making it great for businesses looking to connect with others on the platform. One of these great tools is LinkedIn InMail. InMails allows you to directly message another LinkedIn member without sending a connection request first. Regular Linkedin messages can only be sent to people you’re already connected to. Inmails is a paid feature only available to Linkedin Premium users.

Do you know how many InMail credits Linkedin Premium users have per month?

According to information on the LinkedIn official website, the number of InMail credits LinkedIn Premium users receive each month depends on the premium membership plan they choose. Generally, LinkedIn Premium members receive between 5 to 30 InMail credits per month, depending on the membership level and plan chosen by the user.

Users can use these InMail credits to send private messages to users outside their network to establish connections or engage in recruitment activities. It is recommended to refer to the LinkedIn website for specific information about premium membership plans to understand the corresponding number of InMail credits for each plan.

Are free linkedin users unable to use the InMail feature?

Of course not, free LinkedIn users can use some LinkedIn tools, such as LinkedRadar, a browser extension that provides free users with the opportunity to use the private InMail feature. In fact, LinkedRadar allows users to use the feature more frequently than LinkedIn Premium members.

If you are not a LinkedIn member but still want to use the InMail feature, you may want to try downloading this chrome extension.  Get the tools here.